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Track Light

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    Tracking Light

    1. Uses international top brand COB light source with high CRI and stability.
    2. Deeply recessed lens design greatly reduces glare and stray light.
    3. AC100-240V wide input voltage range makes this product applicable in all countries worldwide.
    4. Angle-adjustable design provides perfect lighting solution to various applications.
    5. Die-casting aluminum in black-and-white spray coating is used for the lamp body, giving an elegant touch to the appearance.
    6. With excellent heat-dissipation structure, lifetime of this product reaches 35,000 hours at least.
    7. Diverse options for light combination and lens are available, meeting requirements in all kinds of applications.
    8. Lead-free, green and healthy, RoHS standards compliant.


    1. Hotels
    2. Outlets
    3. High-end boutiques
    4. Jewellery stores
    5. Gallery
    6. Museums
    7. Restaurants

    Photoelectric Parameters


    Dimensional Drawing


    Model HLA-AA06-X HLA-CA06-X HLA-AA04-X
    Size (mm) A 114 114 64.5
    B 153 153 104
    C 270 270 198
    E 228 228 213
    Material Aluminum Alloy
    Installation Way Rail-mounted Rail-mounted Rail-mounted
    Working Temperature -10℃~40℃ -10℃~40℃ -10℃~40℃
    Input Power 30W 42W 15W
    Input Voltage AC100-240V AC100-240V AC100-240V
    IP Rate IP20 IP20 IP20


    Kind Warnings

    1. Avoid installing this product in minefields, highly magnetic or high-voltage regions.
    2. Please ensure proper installation of this product to avoid accidents or fire caused by short circuit.
    3. Please make sure this product is installed in a well-ventilated place with appropriate ambient temperature.
    4. To prevent accidents, please check the connection before switching on the power.
    5. The product should be installed or repaired by professionals only.
    6. Do not attempt to repair, so as to avoid damage to the product.

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